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1. Salt Lamps Cleanse & Deodorize the Air

Probably the most well-known fact.  This has to be why the majority of people use them.  Due to their fascinating power to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air. BUT HOW?? Himalayan salt lamps purify air through the power of hygroscopy, meaning that they attract water molecules from the surrounding environment then absorb those molecules – as well as any foreign particles they may be carrying – into the salt crystals.

2. Reduce Allergy & Asthma Symptoms

Himalayan salt lamps remove particles of dust, mold, mildew and the like from the surrounding air, placing a lamp or two in the rooms where you spend the most time can cut back on allergy symptoms. Even people who suffer from asthma should notice a big difference after a week or two. Himalayan pink salt is so good for your airways.

3. Eases Coughing

The majority of homes are filled with positively charged ions which aren’t very good for a person’s health. The positive ions are created by a number of things, but the primary source for most of us is from our electronics.  One of the health detriments of breathing lots of positive ions in the air is that the cilia (microscopic hairs) which line the trachea (aka: windpipe) become sluggish and don’t work as well to keep contaminants out of our lungs. As a Himalayan pink salt lamp absorbs water and particles from the air, it also takes positive ions with them. Then, when the heated salt releases cleansed water vapor back into the air, it also expels negative ions which have the opposite effect on our airways increasing cilial activity to keep your lungs clear.

4. Increase Energy Levels

If you constantly feel tired and don’t know why, try keeping a Himalayan salt lamp in the room or rooms where you spend the most time. After about a week, you should notice a difference.  Positive ions rid our bodies of energy. 

5. Neutralize Electromagnetic Radiation

Electromagnetic (EM) radiation which flows from our electronics (ie: television, computer, mobile phone, tablet, appliances etc). Constant exposure to EM radiation is known to increase stress levels, cause chronic fatigue, and decrease the body’s immune response, among other things.  As the Himalayan salt lamps ooze negative ions into the air, they work to neutralize electromagnetic radiation.

6. Better Sleep

Another side effect which results from over-exposure to positive ions in the air is that it steals you of quality sleep. This happens because those positively-charged particles can reduce blood and oxygen supply to the brain resulting in irregular sleep patterns.Because Himalayan salt lamps are natural negative ion generators, they can help to reverse this problem, so make sure you pop one in each bedroom.

7. Improve Mood & Concentration

Himalayan salt lamps are a great way to naturally enhance your mood or help you relax and unwind at the end of the day. At the same time they are great for improving concentration. Again, this is due to the effect of the negative ions on your body, improving blood and oxygen supply to the brain and other organs, as well as providing a boost of serotonin.

8. Reduce Static Electricity in the Air

While not a “health benefit” at first glance, static is annoying. It causes stress, embarrassment, and frustration. Static zaps you when you least expect it, as you’re reaching for a door handle of a car, kissing your husband, wife or children before bed.  Static can give you a bad hair day, and especially if you use a dryer a lot cause you to unintentionally go to work with a sock stuck to the back of your pants.

9. Environmentally-Friendly Light Source

Himalayan salt lamps are environmentally friendly. While only an estimate, the reserves from which a Himalayan salt lamp is mined measure somewhere between 80 and 600 million tons and is projected to last for at least another 350 years at the current extraction rate

10. We thrive on looking at beautiful things

There’s also the science-backed benefit of looking to pretty things. Looking at eye-pleasing things soothes us. The sight of an attractive item can trigger the part of the motor cerebellum that governs hand movement, brain scan studies show. In other words, we instinctively reach out for attractive things.


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