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Are you looking for the ULTIMATE dance bag for dance competitions? You’ve come to the right place!!! The Dream Duffel is your essential  rolling dance bag, a perfect addition to any dance competition — with everything from a Patent Pending one-touch telescoping costume rack, garment bag and accessory box, to a folding stool! You get clever, convenient storage and a handy garment rack all in one.

Perfect for; 

  • Traveling to and from competitions with ease
    (even when flying)
  • Protecting the appearance of costumes and accessories
  • Ensuring comfortable, stress-free wardrobe changes during shows
  • Keeping dance gear ready and organized at home
  • Avoiding the heartbreak of forgotten items
  • Providing an insulated place for a sandwich or snack

All Duffles Contain;
* One Touch Telescoping Garment Rack height 52"
* Insulated Snack Pocket
* 1 x Single Garment Bag
* 15 inch Wooden Hanger

* Accessory Box (7" x 10")
* Folding Stool (seat height 17")
* 2 Blank patches for personalizing your bag.
*2 USB charger ports [excluding battery pack]
*1 cup holder


The Small Dream Duffel:
* 1 Small Dream Duffel on wheels (17" x 15" x 22")
* Holds approximately 6 Costumes

The Medium Dream Duffel:
* 1 Medium Dream Duffel on wheels (17" x 17" x 26") 
*Holds approximately 10 Costumes

The Large Dream Duffel:   
* Large Dream Duffel on wheels (17" x 18" x 34")  *Holds approximately 15 Costumes

The Small Zebra: 
* 1 Small Dream Duffel on wheels (68cm x 45cm x 47cm) 
* Holds approximately 5 Costumes

The Medium Zebra: 
* 1 Medium Dream Duffel on wheels (76cm x 52cm x 47cm)
* Holds approximately 10 Costumes

The Large Dream Duffel Complete Package Includes: 
* Large Dream Duffel on wheels (96cm x 52cm x 52cm) 
*Holds approximately 15 Costumes



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