Inspired by Kingston and Armani

We started Miracle Scents back in 2016 under our former name D&M Candles. Since rebranding our business we’ve brought the best selection of products and merchandise to our customers. We do our best to ensure a permanent variety of fantastic items along with unique limited edition and seasonal items that fit your budget.
Our new name is inspired by our Creator who had a very tough time when her twins were born at 26 weeks gestation, that’s 14 weeks too early.
It is a miracle they survived, and burning of the flames gave her hope.
For every candle sold Miracle Scents will donate $1 to the Miracle Babies foundation. Australia is home to 23 state of the art intensive care units designed to meet the unique and critical needs of our earliest and sickest babies. Working with health professionals on the joint agenda of better outcomes for families, Miracle Babies provides informative education and insight on a family’s experience and funding for equipment, resources and research.
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