Liquid Melts

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The latest craze around town.... Lets Welcome to the Miracle Scents Family...  Liquid Melts

Unlike any melts we have had before, Liquid Melts are a soft squeezable liquid wax.

Using our amazing Cocosoy wax blend and our secret ingredient (all ingredients listed on bottles), added with extra Fragrance and colour, these new melts will bring your melt warmer or oil burner to life.

So if you like super strong and long lasting melts why not give our liquid melts a go.

Simply squirt the desired amount of liquid melts into your melt warmer or oil burner.  The more you squirt the stronger it will be (we recommend a teaspoon amount to start with).

Clean up is also a breeze, simply wipe clean with paper towel or a tissue and dispose of properly (never tip wax down the sink).


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